so bioware apparently wants the DA:I players to never see sunlight again


tfw = two fucking weiners



there was a lizard in the shower so i said hello to it and the person showering next to me was like “hi??” i wasn’t sure whether to carry on the conversation or be like sorry i was talking to a lizard 


Howling ghosts – they reappear
In mountains that are stacked with fear
But you’re a king and I’m a lionheart.
And in the sea that’s painted black
Creatures lurk below the deck
But you’re a king and I’m a lionheart.
And as the world comes to an end
I’ll be here to hold your hand.

"King and Lionheart," my other piece for Naughty Dog’s 30th Anniversary tribute show at Gallery Nucleus!

"I saw, or fancied I saw, the room and its furniture just as I had seen it last, except that it was very dark, and I saw something moving round the foot of the bed, which at first I could not accurately distinguish. But I soon saw that it was a sooty-black animal that resembled a monstrous cat. It appeared to me about four or five feet long, for it measured fully the length of the hearthrug as it passed over it; and it continued to-ing and fro-ing with the lithe sinister restlessness of a beast in a cage." - Le Fanu, “Carmilla”


*leans over to guy in urinal next to me*

what’s better than this, guys being dudes


i used to be good at math but then i finished 1st grade